kittycatamundo (kittycatamundo) wrote in aussie_cup,

Trying Menstrual Cups

I posted this on menstrual_cups and then realised that this forum existed and thought I may as well ask you guys to.

I have pain/irritation with both normal and organic tampons which I believe is because my flow is light and wanted some advice about whether or not a menstrual cup would work (since they can be lubricated) before I splurge and spend the money on one.
I am also living on campus and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for cleaning rumps when I only have access to combined/coed bathroom and laundry facilities.

Actually if anyone had advice for good companies/brands for period undies, cloth pads or menstrual cups in Australia, that would be awesome since the only company that seems decent that I've come across is Moon Pads.

Thanks in advance
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