elizabby (elizabby) wrote in aussie_cup,

New Lunette user joins community!

Hi everyone! I'm in Melbourne and am just completing my first cycle with the Lunette. I'm asking myself why I didn't do this YEARS ago! This is the best thing since... well, ever! I used to be a dedicated tampon user, but this is much better, lasts longer, is cleaner and greener! I'm actually finding that it is much quicker to get used to than tampons were, although I was a virgin back then, too.

I just wanted to mention for those wondering which kind of cup to get, this was my favourite source site: http://www.labyrinth.net.au/~obsidian/clothpads/Cups.html which I am still using to get pictures of the different folds (I like punch down best so far). It also has a list and comparisons of the different types, and after reading them I agreed with her and went for a Lunette too! (Don't get scared off by the Finnish site, there is an English one as well.)

There is also a petition linked on the site about the "stealing" of the brand name "moon cup" by the people who make the "keeper".
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