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Why is australia behind?

I have been stalking these cup sites for sometime now, always curious yet never knowing which one to try, to scared etc to take the bite. But i have finally decided that its now or never, only to find out theres a few more cups now available, and yet always buying from overseas unless you go the divacup (available on ebay) or the keeper. So why is australia behind? Why are these cups not available at the chemist or atleast online shipping?

Im eagarly awaiting the delivery of my new pinkcup, and desperatley hoping I chose the right one for me...Out of curiousity, why did you chose the cup you did? What deciding factors over the others available?
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You can purchase all of the cups via their websites and they'll ship to Australia. I currently use a Mooncup and love it. :)

I have heard that Mooncup are currently in the process of getting approval from the TGA so they can sell cups and advertise within Australia - lets hope that goes through, and maybe opens the door for other brands.
I have no ide why Australia is so behind. I asked my gynaecologist, and he doesn't know either. He's from the UK, so at least he knew what I was talking about!

I went with the Lunette in the end, after reading the reviews on purple obsidian's website (she's an Aussie too). I like it, but then I never tried anything else. I wanted something fairly short in length, with a soft stem and easy to clean. The prices were all fairly comparable, so I just went with the product I like the look of the best. Also, I wanted something in medical grade silicone, NOT latex or rubber. No point courting allergies if you don't have to!

Good luck - I found a cup the best thing I ever did for myself, as well as the environment! Now my husband doesn't have to dread me on those days! ;)
Found it! Here's the site:


She's done lots of fabulous comparison work so we don't have to! ;) BTW, I hope you've found the other menstrual cup journal site, which is much more active than this one?
Actually Lunette is available in Australia now. One site says that they got TGA approval now so if you google Lunette Cup you will find a few sites that are selling it online here and there's a .com.au site too. It might be a but hard to search cos they dont always come up in google for some reason. They are $52RRP on the sites that I found, including a baby products online store. I bought a couple after I saw the reviews at http://www.labyrinth.net.au/~obsidian/clothpads/Cups.html and they are great. I just wanted one of each size.