Trying Menstrual Cups

I posted this on menstrual_cups and then realised that this forum existed and thought I may as well ask you guys to.

I have pain/irritation with both normal and organic tampons which I believe is because my flow is light and wanted some advice about whether or not a menstrual cup would work (since they can be lubricated) before I splurge and spend the money on one.
I am also living on campus and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for cleaning rumps when I only have access to combined/coed bathroom and laundry facilities.

Actually if anyone had advice for good companies/brands for period undies, cloth pads or menstrual cups in Australia, that would be awesome since the only company that seems decent that I've come across is Moon Pads.

Thanks in advance
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New Australian made menstrual cup - JuJu

Hi all

I'm proud to announce the first Australian made menstrual cup - JuJu. JuJu is Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved and comes in 2 sizes and you can choose between 3 different coloured satin pouches when you order from our online store

Please also like us on facebook!/pages/JuJu/114777795277454 and help spread the word.

Happy browsing
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Pelvic floor article

This community doesn't seem very active, but here's an interesting article anyway. If I post it here, I know where I left it! ;) It is about how Kegels may not be enough - squats are really important for pelvic floor strength as well! Both articles should be read together - the second is a corrective for the first one, which is a bit radical.

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Hey everyone!

I just found this site which has heaps of information on each of the different menstrual cups available, and also a 'comparisons & ratings' section, which i found really useful! I wish I'd seen it before I bought my mooncup (not that I'm complaining about my mooncup, because I only got it the other day and haven't had a chance to try it yet)!!!

I've also found a bunch of really cute pouches for menstrual cups that you can buy online: - a crochet uterus shaped pouch (!!)
- the pattern for the uterus-shaped pouch
- a crochet icecream-shaped pouch
- lots of different patterned bags

Hope this stuff is helpful!


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Hi there everyone
Just wanted to say how disappointing it is to be the first of everyone I know to have a keeper. I would think that such a wonder product would be widely advertised and mothers would be introducing them to daughters as standard practice. Although not without it's down's as well as ups, I would never be without one and recommend it to any one who'll listen.

Why is australia behind?

I have been stalking these cup sites for sometime now, always curious yet never knowing which one to try, to scared etc to take the bite. But i have finally decided that its now or never, only to find out theres a few more cups now available, and yet always buying from overseas unless you go the divacup (available on ebay) or the keeper. So why is australia behind? Why are these cups not available at the chemist or atleast online shipping?

Im eagarly awaiting the delivery of my new pinkcup, and desperatley hoping I chose the right one for me...Out of curiousity, why did you chose the cup you did? What deciding factors over the others available?

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I have a question, please forgive me if i am asking in the wrong place but not many answers happen at TMI_questions.
I bought a Diva Cup and used it for most of my last period BUT i had leaks, so i still had to wear a pad to work and in bed, Ive read others posts about how brilliant they are and how they dont leak!
What am i doing wrong, i just kinda pinch it up and then put it in till i can't really feel it.

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Fellow Aussies, what do you do about the time problem?

What I mean is that you post a question on the (mainly US-dominated) boards, then go to bed and when you get back the next morning you find that the whole thread of discussion has developed without you? Does anyone know what is a good time to be online to try to catch up with what is being said?

I mostly post in the daytime when I am at work (faster connection here) but if I was watching a particular thread I could log on at home too. I've tried to work out what times the US sites are active, but it seems to vary a lot depending on what part of the US they are in. Do most people post in the evenings or the daytime?