d0tness (d0tness) wrote in aussie_cup,

Just a heads up...

Insteads will be available here in Oz in a couple of months :) If you email incakyto@hotmail.com they'll send you a sample pack of 6 cups- just tell them you're interested in trying them before they hit the market. I got mine within 3 days, along with a friendly email and so far they're working great :)

However, I still plan to buy a DivaCup ASAP!
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Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. :)

I'm tempted to get some just to see what they're like. I'm very happy with my Diva though.

Maybe the reusables will become readily available soon after.
Hey Gemfyre
you wont believe how long i have been looking for your name! i remember someone from vaginapagina who was from aust and also had a divacup..i could remember your icon but not your name! anyway...really wanted to ask you how you brought your cup? from the website or is there somewhere in aust you can get them??
Thanks so much
I got lucky, someone from a community (I think it was Childfree, which is kinda weird but it's all similar circles) offered to send me one after I lamented about how muxh they cost to get out here. So I got mine for free.

Your best bet however is to buy them off the Divacup or Mooncup site (Keepers cost more). I'm not sure what all the costs are after you work out exhange rate and postage, but still, it pays for itself in a few months.


October 7 2005, 06:37:08 UTC 12 years ago

Is there a reason that
Isn't listed please?
ooh thanks for the info i wanted to order a sample pack but shipping was so expensive from the states for such a small package i will be getting some soon now!
Glad to be of service :) I was pretty damn excited myself!
Do you know if this "offer" still applies?
Not sure... can't hurt hurt to try!
Hahaha for sure =]