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Lunette - my first thoughts.

Well I have to wait about 2 weeks to give it a proper try, but I wanted to try it out before then and share my thoughts...

It came with a lime green satin pouch with darker green flower-like designs and "lunette" printed on it... instructions in a couple of languages (including English) and 2 yummy sugary Finnish sweets! I'd also asked for some leaflets to give out to people so they gave me some of those.

I should take a pic of it....

I filled it with water and was really surprised that no water leaked out the airholes..... I'd always wondered about that.

The first go it popped open while I was putting it in which gave me a bit of a surprise! So I took it out and tried again (holding it tighter!). I couldn't get it in very far (short fingers, long fingernails and doing it at a weird angle I think), but from what I've read it sits low anyway. The stem (untrimmed) would be just inside, though when I went to check it about 20 mins later it had ridden up a bit higher.

From what I could feel it opened up ok, but my fingernails made it a little hard to check and I couldn't really get enough grip on the stem to be able to turn it... especially since the stem is *very* flexible. But it felt fine. Of course I won't know how well it sealed until I actually have something to test it with.

I was aware it was there, but not in an uncomfortable way, just like how you can feel clothing or something... Occasionally I felt the stem bump into me, but because it's flat and really flexible it's not uncomfortable, it just moved out of the way and I felt it as it did so, So I won't bother trimming it.

The first time I went to the loo was a bit weird. I've worn maybe 3 tampons in the last 10 years (I'm a cloth pad gal), so its not something I'm used to. My logical side was telling me its a completely different system, so its not going to get filled up with wee, and my muscles will keep it in, so it won't fall out into the toilet..... but part of me was worried I'd end up fishing around in the toilet for it or something bad happening, but no problems (though I've not tried it with a #2!)

I wish I could work out if I had it in properly or not. It felt ok. I was expecting to have to go through all kinds of stuffing and unstuffing to get it in/out, but it seemed easy...(not "I can park a mac truck in there" easy... but not like a "square peg in a round hole" thing...) But I wanted to know if it was in properly so I'd know when it comes to actually trying it.

I wore it for several hours and took it out before bed. I was a little.. I guess shocked... when I took it out, I suppose I was expecting it to be all clean and dry as it was when I put it in. I'm quite fine with bodily secretions, but it took me by surprise!
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A photo would be cool! I take it that it's a rubber menstrual cup?